The most popular Paellas in Spain

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With summer here, we must talk about one of the most popular dishes enjoyed during the summer months. From restaurants to beach bars, a delicious paella is a must!

If we go back to its origins, the traditional paella dates back several centuries in Valencia with its proximity to the Albufera region made it a popular dish as rice was easy to obtain. Over the course of the years, the Paella has become one of the most famous dishes in Spanish gastronomy and with the different regions adapting the dish with their own personal touch.

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Preparing for a gastronomical route? Don’t miss some of the best paellas in Spain:

  1. The ‘Paella Valenciana’ which has a denomination of origin promoted by the Region of Valencia tops our list of recommendations for a typical Spanish paella. Its recipe is based on ingredients such as green beans, chicken, rabbit, ‘garrofón (large butter beans), tomato & saffron.

  2. The ‘Paella Marinera’ (seafood paella) very typical on the coast is another paella popular all around Spain. Its salty taste is perfect for those who love seafood, with ingredients such as prawns, squid, mussels and clams.

  3. The ‘Arroz Negro’ or ‘Paella Negra’ (black rice) is originally from Galicia. The main ingredient is the squid ink that makes the rice black in appearance and gives the paella a more intense flavour.

  4. The ‘Paella Mixta’ (mixed paella) is perfect for those who are undecided! This kind has spread rapidly all over Spain, although some people believe that this is a desecration of the Valencian paella. This combines the two types of ingredients; meat & fish which makes it rich and very tasty,

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Other variations which we can find is the ‘paella blanca’ (white paella), typical in Andalucia. This variation does not have any saffron that gives that yellow colour typical to the paella. The ‘paella vegetariana’ (vegetarian paella) made only of vegetables. The ‘paella de carne’ with chicken and rabbit, or an exquisite ‘arroz con bogavante’ (rice with lobster) the most expensive of them all.

Despite the controversy generated with what is considered as paella and what are considered only rice or rice stew dishes, our rich gastronomy allows us to enjoy every one in whichever region we are.

Whichever you choose, a delicious paella on your holidays will always be the right decision!

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