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- Roadlovers

Music plays an important role in our lives. Without music our days would be darker, without those melodies that are on our heads, that we whistle on the way to work, or that we sing in the shower.

Music is especially important when we are travelling. Our adventures are much more intense if some of our favorite songs are their soundtrack. Even the evocation of our getaways is inspired by those songs that have engraved those unforgettable moments in our memory. 

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This is why Centauro Rent a Car has been investigating what music is the most listened to by our #Roadlovers during their #Roadtrips. If music is practically another passenger in your car trips, we also want to be with you on your getaways, and get closer to all those places off the beaten path. 

We have prepared a small survey to learn more about the music you listen to on your road trips. Fill in the survey in just 1 minute and get a chance to  win one of the 3 free 7-day car rentals, or one of the 10 sixt months Spotify Premium subscriptions we will raffle*. 

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