10 secret beaches at Algarve

Portugal is known, from north to south, for its sea coast and the amazing extent of its beaches. Currently being one of the most sought out touristic attractions, for both the Portuguese people and foreigners, Algarve is the chosen destination for those who enjoy staying close to the most beautiful beaches of our country. There are many well-known beaches, thus, it is not always easy to find a space for your towel, especially between June and August. If you like discovering new landscapes and sites for sunbathing, we recommend 10 relatively little known beaches along the coast of Algarvia.

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Praia do Amado

1. Cacela Velha Beach – Vila Real Santo António

Better known for the Fábrica beach, it has a broad sand extension and crystalline warm water. You can reach this beach on foot from the Manta Rota beach (when the tides are low) or by boat to the other shore. It overlooks the Monte Gordo bay, the Tavira island, and the Cabanas island.

2. Barrinha Beach – Faro, Ancão

Access to this beach is not easy. Through a wooden walkway, from the Faro beach, you can go on foot to the Barrinha beach, located at the Ancão peninsula. Going by boat is also a possibility. For being so isolated, the place is perfect for activities such as birdwatching, fishing, and paddleboard, as well as several water sports.

3. Vale dos Homens Beach – Aljezur

The area of Aljezur is known for its little known and almost desert beaches. To get to this beach, it is necessary to descend a sinuous wooden stair to a shore surrounded by cliffs. With low tide, you can see fish species such as sargos (Diplodus), robalo (Centropomus undecimalis), mussels, and even starfishes.

4. Arrifana Beach – Aljezur


The blue flag, the 500 meters of sand extension, and the perfect waves for surfing have contributed for Arrifana to become less and less of a secret.

5. Zavial Beach – Vila do Bispo

This beach is located on the mouth of a grand valley, to where the Ribeira dos Outeiros flows out. On the cliff, not that distant, are the ruins of the Fort and of the Bateria do Zavial, from the 17<sup>th</sup> century.

6. Barranco Beach – Vila do Bispo

Two steps away from Porches, this beach is a small paradise. The best way to get there is by boat or by walking through paths from the Albandeira beach.

7. Arrifes Beach – Albufeira

Playa de los Arrifes

This beach is hidden from most tourists. Small and family-friendly, it is composed by a small bay between cliffs, where you can see natural wells, several arches on the stones, and even some grottos. Locally, it is called Três Penecos and the whole beach is surrounded by pines and vegetation.

8. São Rafael Beach – Albufeira

Situated near a very lively and touristic region of Albufeira, the São Rafael beach is ideal to those who seek the calmness of the best beaches of Algarve.

Surrounded by several cliffs in strong colors and a matching vegetation, this beach offers an unforgettable view from the top of the rocks to the warm feet on the sand.

9. Carvalho Beach – Lagoa

Here you shall find one of the best kept secrets of Algarve. To get to the Carvalho beach, you have to go through an unpaved path by the ravines, park, and go on foot down a stair, crossing two tunnels excavated on the rocks. Finally, you arrive at this charming seashore hidden between the cliffs and with a never ending blue sea ahead.

10. Barreta Beach/Deserta Island – Faro

Reachable only by sea, it is made up of 11 kilometers of peace. The boat picks tourists up at the Porta Nova pier and the crossing to the Deserta island is made in around 40 minutes. It is one of the best kept beaches regarding its fauna and flora. It is possible to see borrelhos (Charadrius hiaticula), grajaus (Thalasseus sandvicensis), andorinhas do mar (Sterna hirundo L), gaivinas (Chlidonias niger), or chiretas.

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