How to place a child’s seats in a car

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The safety of our little ones when we are on the roads is of utmost importance so we would just like to give you some safety tips. At Centauro Rent a Car, we want to give you some recommendations on how to place child seats in either your own car or one of our hire cars. We offer a complete range of safety restraints for children.

Although the child’s age is one of the main factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing which type of child seat to install in the vehicle, the most important criteria should always be the weight of the baby as this will, in the event of an accident, have the resistance necessary in case of impact.

How to install a baby seat 0-9 months or with a weight of less than 13 kilos.

You must install a Group 0 or 0+ and place it backwards facing and in the back seat of the vehicle. If for some reason you have to place the baby seat in the front passenger seat (either because the rear seats already have other child seats or you don’t have back seats) then you must remember to deactivate the car airbag system in that area.

How to install an infant seat 9 to 48 months or with a weight of less than 18 kilos

You must install a Group 1 chair; this group includes all the different seat types that can be used with a seat belt or the new ISOFIX system.

To secure them you can use the traditional fastening system or the ISOFIX, but what you need to ensure is that it is fastened perfectly into the vehicle in order to avoid serious injury and/or the seat coming loose in the event of a strong frontal collision.

In this case, you must also place this type of seat on the rear ones of the vehicle and this time they must be orientated facing the front.

How to place a child's seats in a car

How to install a child seat for children up to 12 years of age.

For children between 3 and 6 years or weighing less than 25 kilos, Group 2, these chairs are usually larger and use the vehicles seat belt as a restraint. Finally, for children between 6 and 12 years or weighing less than 36 kilos, Group 3, which rather than a chair is a booster seat to elevate the child so that he is perfectly secure again using the cars seatbelt mechanism. This type of child seat must also be placed facing the front.

Safety tips for children

Never use the same seat belt to harness two baby seats; in the event of an accident, this could cause irreparable damage. Also, make sure that the seat belt is not twisted or bent.

If the chair has a safety cushion in it, then please adjust it adequately to the child so that he is comfortable but also well strapped in. If you have the ISOFIX fastening system, then adjust the fixtures correctly and place the supporting piece at the height so that it is perfectly level.Utiliza siempre el sistema de seguridad infantil, incluso en los trayectos más cortos, como ir a comprar al súper.

Always use a child safety system, even on the shortest of journeys; it is the law to do so.

Safety tips for children - car rental

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