Centauro, committed to internal talent

- Centauro Spirit

2019 has been a year of international expansion for Centauro Rent a Car, with a total of 11 openings in 3 different markets, in which promoting and reinforcing the team’s cohesion has been key a factor in continuing to meet excellent quality standards and ensuring the success of the company and a positive experience for consumers. 

There are now 34 branches of Centauro Rent a Car in 4 countries, among which Greece stands out as our current choice for the opening of new international destinations in the Mediterranean, thus reaching a total of 600 employees, constituting a 30% growth in the team compared to the previous year. 

Erik Devesa presents badges of recognition to the Centauro Rent a Car team

As has become tradition at Centauro, Erik Devesa Sik, CEO of the company, this year together with the Directorate of Operations and Human Resources, bestows badges of loyalty on the employees. The Centaur badge, which is shaped like the company’s wheel emblem, is bestowed in recognition of employees: in its bronze version for those who have been with the company for more than 5 years, in its silver version for those who have reached 10 years of seniority and in its gold version for those who have been contributing their value to Centauro for more than 15 years.

This uplifting event takes place in the presence of all team members, to celebrate the professional career of the company's most loyal talent and to promote the team’s cohesion and commitment. 

We hope to continue celebrating the recognition of our company's talent in the coming years, and 2020 will represent a special challenge, since Centauro will take a further step in its national and  international expansion with new openings.

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