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    Centauro Rent a Car will open in Greece in 2019!

    We will be present in the main tourist destinations of the Hellenic country: Athens and the Greek islands. Greece becomes the third international market for the operations of Centauro Rent a Car, which already has a prominent presence in Italy and Portugal

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    We celebrate our 45th Anniversary!

    Francisco Devesa - father of the current CEO, Erik Devesa-, started the Centauro Rent a Car business in 1973 with a small fleet of 6 yellow 'Seat 600' in the city of Benidorm.

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    We’re launching a new branch in Madeira!

    Centauro Rent a Car strengthens its presence in Portugal opening an office in Madeira. The new branch will open on June 19th, although it is possible to book through our website now.

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    2018 : Heading towards excellence

    With begin 2018 immersed in an important national and international expansion with new offices in both Spain & Italy.

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    Travel Curiosities

    When we travel to a different country, we normally resort to renting a car. However, we must bear in mind that each country has its own traffic rules and some may not make much sense.

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