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Curiosities on International Roads

When we travel to a different country, we normally resort to renting a car. However, we must bear in mind that each country has its own traffic rules and some may not make much sense. The United States is a good example; it seems that each state competes to see who has the most absurd traffic rule.  Did you know that in Texas, cars must have windscreen wipers but not necessarily a windscreen? Or that in Minnesota you can travel with a gorilla, as long as it sits in the front seat, not the back? In addition, what do you think about the fact that in San Francisco, it is forbidden to clean your car in your underwear? On the other hand, in Florida, if you accidently hit a pedestrian, don’t worry about going to jail, you just have to pay a fine of 78$. Travelling by car in America is a lot like a gymkhana!

travel curiosities

We realise that some of the above theories are very unlikely; it is not likely that we would clean a rental car or travel by car with a gorilla next to us. However, there are some traffic rules in many countries around the world that may sound absurd in many ways, but if we are not aware of them; we could be in for some surprises. And what are they? Well you can find some useful information in the following info graph that we have prepared for you. Print it out to take with you if you plan to travel by car in the near future!

However, we know that when we travel to another country and we choose a car hire, we normally do not have any kind of link to the people or its customs. That is why, with this infographic apart from including some incredible traffic rules we have added some other curiosities. That way you will know what you should not do when sitting at a table or what habits that in Spain are quite normal, may get us into trouble in other parts of the world.

Curiosities at the table in other countries

We all know the importance of protocol when we are sat at a table.  For example, in Spain, we would never dream of sucking at our soup in front of another person, but if we find ourselves in Japan, the more noise we make the better. Neither we would burp in the presence of guests, but in Egypt, this is essential to show that we enjoy our food. Never ask for ‘more cheese’ in Italy, or open bread in half or share the bill in France. Also, never ask for salt & pepper in Portugal, as it would be like saying to the chef ‘ your food is as tasteless as a piece of wood’. But this is just an appetizer, in our info graphic you can find some other interesting curiosities.

Other strange curiosities from around the world

Finally, as a traveller, whether you hire a car or not that it would be useful to know some general customs that may leave a bad taste depending on which countries put them into practice. For example, did you know that if you travel to Turkey and make a new Turkish friend that you should greet him by giving him three kisses on the cheek? However, do not think of kissing anyone in the United States or Canada, although if you are in Russia you can give up to six kisses or even kiss on the mouth regardless of the gender. Important! Avoid saying the word ‘coger’ (catch) in countries like Mexico or Argentina, especially in front of children as this is a swear word. Surprising right? You will find more curiosities in the following info graph. Doesn’t it make you want to hire a car and travel all over the world to get to know the different customs?

Travel curiosities graph

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