Centauro Rent a Car will open in Greece in 2019!

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  • We will be present in the main tourist destinations of the Hellenic country: Athens and the Greek Islands
  • This deal will generate around 100 jobs in Greece, including direct and indirect jobs
  • Greece becomes the third international market for the operations of Centauro Rent a Car, which already has a prominent presence in Italy and Portugal

Centauro Rent a Car will open in Greece in 2019!


Centauro will start operations in Greece in 2019, thus consolidating its presence in the Mediterranean rental car market. During the next year we will open four branches in the main tourist destinations of the Greek peninsula and archipelago. We are planning to activate  online sales for these cities on our website next January.

It is estimated that these openings in Greece  will generate around 100 jobs: 70 direct and 30 indirect jobs. Our  HR department has developed a plan for attracting talent and a training plan to transmit the brand values and quality standards to new employees. The goal is to ensure satisfaction of customers in their trips to Greece.  

With these new openings, the Spanish firm born in Benidorm will be present in one of the most visited countries in the Mediterranean coast - 32 million travelers expected this year, according to official estimates - and which is also a strategic destination for the company's expansion plan.

"We have decidedly counted on Greece because it is a mature market and also because it attracts enormous interest within our customer portfolio in Spain, Italy and Portugal. We want customers who already know us to come visit with us the most picturesque corners of Greece! On the other hand, it should be noted that the Hellenic country grows exponentially in visitor volume and stands out for a rich and varied touristic offering, as well as for an excellent quality in touristic services. In our international expansion plan, the Mediterranean basin represents a priority enclave for us to continue growing, with a firm step, in the European rent a car market," says Erik Devesa, CEO of Centauro Rent a Car. 

Centauro Rent a Car will have an extensive fleet of vehicles in Greece, distributed in 4 car lots to serve the peninsular and island branches. There we will offer a wide range of models that will be renewed before completing one year of activity, to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Network of 27 offices in Europe

In addition to 4 branches in Greece, 4 in Italy ad other 4 in Portugal, Centauro Rent a Car has a network of 15 offices in Spain, set across the main coastal tourist destinations (Mallorca, Ibiza, Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Murcia and Malaga) as well as urban destinations (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville) in airports and AVE stations.

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