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Visit Murcia

History divides the capital of Murcia in two cities, the old defensive city, with its Arabic and Christian legacy, and the modern city, perfectly integrated with the environment and tradition.

By the river Segura, the old city maintains parts of the wall that used to surround the city, together with other Muslim buildings, like the Casino, considered to be of cultural interest and open to visitors.

Murcia's Cathedral

In the Christian part of the town, Murcia's Cathedral is one of the architectural jewels of the city, combining Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. It is worth mentioning the Apostle Door, the inside chapel and above all, its façade.

Of all the museums that can be visited in the capital of the Segura, a compulsory visit is the Salzillo Museum which holds an exhibition on the procession images carved by this Murcian sculptor, and which each Holy Friday morning are taken out on procession on the so called "The Salzillos' Procession".

Murcia Plaza de las Flores

Leisure can also be found in the old town. Enjoy walking along the streets: Platería, Trapería, and Vidrieros, admire the Romea Theatre and reach the Plaza de las Flores, a square were you can enjoy some tapas in any of the bars and open-air terraces that offer typical dishes such as the Zarangollo, Cazón or the Chirretes,...

To the West and within its famous huerta (orchard), joined to the city by the Paseo del Malecón avenue, you can find the village of La Ñora were you can visit the medieval Ruedas.

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