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What to see, do and where to visit in Lanzarote with your car hire

Lanzarote tourist information

Hire a car in Lanzarote and enjoy an average temperature of nearly 20º and enjoy some beautiful beaches the island has to offer. This is certainly an invitation to visit the island at any time of the year.

Boat trips and a variety of water sports are available for you to enjoy. Lanzarote is also well known as one of the best places for surfers as the waters here can be compared to the famous waves of the coast of Hawaii.

This volcanic island apart from the sun and the beach has other interesting things to do, one of which being a visit to the ‘Timanfaya’ National Park’ which we highly recommend.

Get a cheap car hire in Lanzarote and discover an island declared as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1993