We´ve changed so much! Summer songs in Spain from 1973 until today

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Can you imagine a road trip without your favorite music in the background? Yes, we know it is difficult to define the music of your life. This is why in this post we go back in time to hear again the soundtrack of our lives, the summer songs from the summer of 73 to this day, throughout the 45 years we have travelled with you. 

Summer songs from 1973

How did we dance in the 70s?

In the 70s, Formula V had a hit called "Eva María", about a girl who was looking for the sun on the beach in 1973. Village festivals of 1974 danced to "La fiesta de Blas" , and in 1975 Georgie Dann sang "el bimbó".

In 1976 Los golfos rang loud with their song "¿Qué pasa contigo, tío"? A year later, "Fiesta" by Raffaella Carrà was a smash hit. In 1978 love hurt our soul with Camilo Sesto’s “Vivir así es morir de amor”. "Gloria" by Umberto Tozzi was the rage in all disco clubs in 1979.

What was the soundtrack of the 80s?

The disco genre won in style in this decade with “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. In 1981 María Jesús and her accordion got it with "Los pajaritos" and in 1982 it was "Bailando" by Alaska.

The beach was always featured in songs like "Vamos a la playa" by Righeira. "Escuela de calor" by Radio Futura was a summer hit in 1984 and "El Africano" by Georgie Dann in 1985. Other songs that starred in this decade were: “The Puerta de Alcalá”, “Voyage, Voyage”, “Gimme Hope Jo'Anna”and “Aquí no hay playa”.

What summer songs left their stamp in the 90s?

We began the 90s with "Ojalá que llueva café" by Juan Luis Guerra and "All my loving" by Los Manolos, "Tractor Amarillo" by Zapato Veloz, "El Tiburón" by Proyecto Uno and "La Barbacoa" again by Georgie Dann.

We cannot forget the world famous “Macarena” by Los del Río in 1995, which had an incredible impact in the USA. The following summers we danced to: "Bailando" by Paradisio, "La flaca" by Jarabe de Palo, "La copa de la vida" by Ricky Martin and "Mambo nº5" by Lou Bega.

How did the turn of the millennium affect music?

The change of decade we started with King Africa and his "Bomba", followed by "I want to dance" (2001), "Aserejé" (2002), "Papi Chulo" (2003), "Dragostea Din Tei" (2004) ), "La Tortura" (2005) by Alejandro Sanz and  Shakira, "Opá, yo viazé un corrá" (2006), "Las de la intuición" (2007), “Colgando en tus manos” (2008) and "Poker Face" (2009).

How has been the music from the 2010s so far?

The last decade has left us these gems: "Waka, Waka" (2010), "Danza Kuduro" (2011), "No hay dos sin tres" (2012), "Get lucky" (2013), "Bailando" (2014) ), "El taxi" (2015), "La bicicleta" (2016) and "Despacito" this last year. Evolution is evident, since we have gone from dancing closely at town festivals to rocking out with the most rhythmic reggaeton.

But what will this 2018 bring us? Centauro Rent a Car will always be with you, moving to the rhythm of music in your car trips. 

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