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    How to place a child’s seats in a car

    The safety of our little ones when we are on the roads is of utmost importance so we would just like to give you some safety tips.

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    10 Recommendations for cleaning your car

    Who doesn’t like seeing their car shining like brand new? Take note of these ten top tips for when you hand wash your car and you will be the envy of all your neighbours!

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    Portugal motorway tips

    Discover with Centauro Rent a Car how the Portuguese motorways work and the way to enjoy your car rental hassle free in Portugal.

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    8 essential apps for motorists

    Discover the 8 essential apps for motorists to help ease day-to-day driving in major cities and on roads in Spain.

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    Recommendations for driving in the rain

    Regardless of our driving experience, we tend to get nervous when we notice that it is starting to rain, visibility decreases and the car loses grip on the road. Here we offer you a few simple tips to help us keep calm on those rainy days.

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    Tips to Park in Madrid & Not die trying

    The best way to move around any place is to know the city and be able to move through it in your own car. All you need to know is how to drive wisely, where and how to park in Madrid and not die trying.

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