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    Eating in Cabo de Gata, a unique experience

    If you are thinking of taking an unforgettable break in Almeria, then you will not want to miss some of the best restaurants and places to eat in Cabo de Gata and be able to enjoy the wide variety of food on offer.

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    The most popular Paellas in Spain

    There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious paella with views looking over the seas in the summer holidays. From the traditional ‘Paella Valenciana’ to a fish paella, we are going to cover the most popular options for you to enjoy.

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    ‘Caldero’ from Mar Menor | Murcian ‘Arroz a banda’

    It is always the perfect time to taste a delicious and nutritious rice dish and if you find yourself visiting the lovely region of Murcia, then there is only one name for it ‘Caldero’ from Mar Menor.

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    Guide for lobster stew in Fornells

    Are you travelling to Menorca on holiday? Don’t miss our guide to the best places to enjoy lobster stew, serving the best and most delicious lobster in all of the Mediterranean

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    Seafood restaurants in Benidorm

    A morning walk along the beach, a little sunshine to top up your tan, a dip in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean to cool you down….and to eat: Seafood! A perfect day in Benidorm!

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    The best bars for tapas in Seville

    When we feel in the mood for tapas what better place to enjoy this noble art than in Seville. Order a drink and join us on our visit to the best tapas bars in Seville.

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    Guide to the Best Wineries in Porto

    Porto is a wine town par excellence, and because of this, we have got together this small guide of ancient wineries in Porto!

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