45th Anniversary

45th Anniversary Centauro

45 years of travelling the world together

Everything has changed since 1973, except the desire to go and hit the road with you, to continue discovering places that can only be seen on the horizon of an adventurous spirit.

Live with us the passage of time, the moments we have shared together... since traveling went from being a minority activity to be a vital need, summer after summer, for everyone.

Benidorm, 1973: we started in Benidorm that summer with 6 Seat 600, and from there we expanded to the entire Mediterranean coast with the tourist boom. As time went on, there were more of us travelers wanting to go further.  Going on vacation became something accessible to everyone.

The 90s, centauro.net and virtual traveling, discovering the world on the net and crossing borders with the click of a mouse. This adventure we had to live with you, and we embarked on building the first e-commerce of the sector in Spain, www.centauro.net, back in 1998.

International passport: from 2010 until today, Rome, Milan, Madeira, Lisbon, Faro, and Oporto already sound like Centauro destinations, and we promise to continue bringing you to your dream places every year.

By land and by air: we know that you like to reach our destinations by plane, but also by train. Since 2015 you can find us at the main AVE stations.

And along the way, we have changed the way we dress, talk, travel, enjoy music, the world, and its possibilities. How we have changed!

Let everything change, except the desire to travel the world together.

  1. - 45th Anniversary

     We've changed so much! How were car trips in '73

    Do you remember what it was like to travel by car? The whole family went crammed like sardines in a Seat 600, but... we were so happy. Long live the 70s and car trips!

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  2. - 45th Anniversary

    We´ve changed so much! Summer songs in Spain from 1973 until today

    Can you imagine a road trip without your favorite music in the background? Nothing would have been the same without those songs that have been with us in the journeys of our lives... We have recovered from the past the summer songs from the 70s until today. 

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  3. - 45th Anniversary

    We celebrate our 45th Anniversary!

    Francisco Devesa - father of the current CEO, Erik Devesa-, started the Centauro Rent a Car business in 1973 with a small fleet of 6 yellow 'Seat 600' in the city of Benidorm.

    Centauro Rent a Car